Man types on his Macbook in a home office

Why You Need to Insure Home-Based Businesses

Advice on How to Insure a Home-Based Business to Protect Yourself, Your Home, and Your Business Small business owners who have home-based businesses often tend to overlook the relevance and importance of insurance. Not insuring a home-based business is one of the common mistakes small business owners make. Most people assume that their home insurance […]

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Desk with notes, computer, plants, and other office supplies

Top 8 Insurance Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

And How to Avoid These Common Pitfalls Running your own business lays many liabilities on your shoulders. For this reason, it’s highly essential to protect your business by having an insurance cover for both your company and employees. However, some small businesses commit costly mistakes when taking an insurance policy. The effort to cut money […]

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A neon "open" sign glows behind the glass of a grate-protected small business window.

Small Business Insurance for Ontario Entrepreneurs

Understanding the Insurance Products Available to Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs All businesses face risks; it’s an unfortunate and unavoidable truth. But while larger businesses often weather the storm, taking losses in stride, small businesses are easily devasted as a result of insufficient insurance coverage. One costly disruption is all it takes to ruin a […]

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A group of business professionals in a meeting.

Business Insurance 101 – Getting Your Company Secured

Common Questions and Information to Help You Understand Business Insurance in Ontario A major financial loss can ruin a business. Theft, fire, lawsuits, injury, and many other factors cause a large financial strain and on businesses which they often have trouble recovering from. Business insurance is available to protect your business from suffering such devastating […]

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