Motorcycle Insurance Ontario Riders Need

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No matter how you ride, it’s important to keep yourself protected. Motorcycle insurance from Carr & Company covers:

  • Standard, custom-built, dual-purpose, cruising, and off-road bikes
  • Must-have third-party liability costs
  • Expenses from replacements or repairs in the event of damage
  • Recovery or replacement in the event of theft
  • Medical expenses if you are ever injured

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Ontario, which means you’ve got to make sure you’re protected before you hit the road.

The experienced brokers at Carr & Company will help you create a customized insurance package for your motorcycle. After all, no two riders are alike. We’ll get you a package built around your driving habits and needs, whether you’re cruising over long distances or like to show up to work in style.

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As an Ottawa-based insurance brokerage with over 60 years of experience, Carr & Company has the knowledge and know-how to get every rider the coverage they need to hit the road with peace of mind. Riders know they’ve got protection they can count on when they make the switch to Carr & Company, letting them focus on the moment.

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