Man types on his Macbook in a home office

Why You Need to Insure Home-Based Businesses

Advice on How to Insure a Home-Based Business to Protect Yourself, Your Home, and Your Business Small business owners who have home-based businesses often tend to overlook the relevance and importance of insurance. Not insuring a home-based business is one of the common mistakes small business owners make. Most people assume that their home insurance […]

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Car drives in the city with neon lights in the background

What Does a New Car Warranty Cover?

Tips and FAQs to Help You Determine if an Extended Warranty is Worthwhile Before you head to your local dealership to purchase a new car, it is a good idea to understand what will be included and when you might get stuck with an exorbitant repair bill when something goes wrong. At Carr & Company […]

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A landlord hands a set of keys to a couple.

6 Must-Know Tips for Homeowners Renting Out Their Property

Protect Your Property Before You Welcome Tenants or Guests An unused basement, with a bit of TLC, makes a perfect income suite or rental option on your home. What’s more, with the explosion of Airbnb and their innovative business model, many homeowners have begun renting out their homes when they’re away in the hopes of […]

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Yamaha R1 motorcycle in white

Riding Season Is Over, But What About Your Motorcycle Insurance?

Why It’s Important to Protect Your Bike During Offseason The once sunny road ahead is now covered in slush and snow. Unfortunately, it’s that time of year to put your ride to bed for the winter. But what about your motorcycle insurance? Should you drop motorcycle insurance in the winter? When it comes to motorcycle […]

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