Matthew Carr, CIP | President and COO

About Matthew: A born and raised insurance professional, Matthew received an accelerated education in leadership and management. Passionate and self-motivated, he has quickly proven himself as an expert in both Commercial and Personal insurance lines. In addition to his role as President and COO of Carr & Company, Matthew is an active member of the Board of Directors with the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario, is affiliated with the Ottawa Insurance Brokers Association, and contributes to the community as an executive for Hockey Eastern Ontario’s officiating program. When not delivering exceptional service to his clients, he can be found cheering on the RedBlacks and Senators, or spending time at the cottage with family and friends.

Phone: 613-747-4700 ext. 519

Patricia Routhier, CSIP | Personal Lines Manager

About Patricia: A dedicated and consummate professional with a keen eye for customer service, Patricia has a passion for helping others that she brings to each and every project and client she works with. The level of care and attention she provides is second to none, and her expertise in the field of Personal insurance make her an exceptional member of the Carr & Company family. Committed to her clients, she still finds time for a good book and craft making. Her passion for Italian cuisine and love of the culture make Italy a dream destination. Patricia’s sport of choice is shopping, wherever a great deal can be found.

Phone: 613-747-4700 ext. 538

Tracy Pettrey, RIB | Account Executive

About Tracy: Confidence, expertise, reliability – for Tracy, these words are a way of life. When it comes to customer service, the expertise she provides for her clients is unparalleled, informed by her extensive experience and knowledge. Dedicated and driven, Tracy goes above and beyond the expectations of her clients to ensure they get service that guarantees them peace of mind. Knowledgeable and experienced, Tracy is as comfortable in the office as she is riding the open roads on her motorcycle. Always seeking new experiences and challenges, she would one day love to visit Dubai and experience firsthand Italian cuisine and culture.

Phone: 613-747-4700 ext. 536

Melanie Bellemare | Account Executive – Commercial

About Melanie: A natural team player, Melanie’s got the know-how to ensure our commercial clients get the attention and care they deserve. Growing up, Melanie wanted to work in health care, working as a medical lab tech to help others by putting her skills and attention to detail to work, so it’s no wonder she’s been able to thrive in her role with our insurance brokerage. When she’s not at work, Melanie can be found spending time with her family, taking in the latest Sens game or hitting the beach in the summer for some fun volleyball. She loves her kids dearly and would love to visit Hawaii with them some day.

Phone: 613-747-4700 ext. 526

Matthew Leishman | Account Executive

About Matthew: If you want to talk about entrepreneurial spirit, Matthew’s been following his since he was a child. Matthew always wanted a job that would capture his passion and let him embrace his independence. Working with Carr & Company, he brings this passion and his unique understanding of individual circumstances to each and every client. When he’s not working closely with his clients, he can be found enjoying the great outdoors, whether camping or enjoying one of the many sports he loves to play. Matthew’s passion for Celtic culture make Scotland and Ireland dream destinations, and he can usually be found cheering on the Leafs, Patriots, Raptors, and Jays, depending on the season.

Phone: 613-747-4700 ext 544

Sean Benson | Support Team Member

About Sean: A team player through and through, Sean’s expertise and experience as an insurance professional make him a vital member of Carr’s support team. Sean appreciates the finer things in life, and believes that clients deserve no less than the finest level of service possible. Adventurous and engaging, Sean seeks to provide each and every client with the peace of mind they require so they can follow their dreams. His passion for teamwork is a constant in his life; when not at work, he can frequently be found cheering enthusiastically for the Sens and RedBlacks.

Phone: 613-747-4700 ext. 530

Shannon Lancaster, RIB | Customer Service Representative

About Shannon: Exceptional customer service and dedication to his clients define Shannon’s role as a Customer Service Representative. A valued team member, few can match Shannon’s passion and drive. He brings a unique combination of big-picture thinking and attention to detail that allow him to expertly tailor service and coverage to Carr & Company’s clients. Shannon understands that appreciating the special things in life shouldn’t have to come at the expense of the simpler comforts and necessities, and with his steadfast dedication to customer service, he ensures that clients are never left wanting. Confident and self-assured, Shannon stands up for what he believes in, whether it’s the needs of his clients or his beloved Boston Bruins.

Phone: 613-747-4700 ext. 548

Camille Bieman, RIB | Commercial Marketer

About Camille: Nurturing and caring, Camille’s passion for gardening translates well into her role as Commercial Marketer. Your business will grow and blossom under her care and consideration, and her assured work will benefit any budding business. Her confidence and attentive outlook serve her well as one of Carr & Company’s experts in Commercial lines. A firm believer that your business should work for you, Camille wastes no time in finding innovative and expert ways to protect the assets and investments of her clients. With her support and professionalism, your commercial needs are in expert hands.

Phone: 613-747-4700 ext. 546

Lee Mandigo, AIIC – RIB | Customer Service Representative

About Lee: Growing up, Lee wanted to be a firefighter; though life took him in another direction, that passion for helping and protecting others never left, and he brings this drive and devotion to each and every one of his customers at Carr & Company. Lee believes in providing the best customer service available, and is a firm believer that the good things in life should be enjoyed and nurtured. In his spare time, Lee is a woodworker and can be found building furniture, a testament to his creativity and passion in both his private and professional lives. He’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get the job done, and he understands the value of protecting the finer things in life. When he’s not providing expert advice to his clients, Lee enjoys fine cuisine and cheering for the Ottawa Senators.

Phone: 613-747-4700 ext. 532