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Protect Your Belongings with Comprehensive Insurance

Do you rent property? Whether you’re in an apartment, basement suite, or another rental unit, renters’ insurance in Ottawa protects you from:

  • Loss of property in the event of an accident, fire, or theft
  • Liability claims from damage to other units
  • Protection in the event of a third-party injury in your unit
  • Potential lawsuits and the costs of damages
  • Footing bills you shouldn’t have to pay

As a tenant or renter, you’ve got to protect yourself when the unexpected happens. Get the coverage you need as a renter or tenant in Ontario with comprehensive quotes from Carr & Company, and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your belongings are safe and sound.

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Protect Your Property

If you rent in Ontario, you still need insurance coverage. While your landlord has an insurance plan for the building itself, chances are you’re still at risk. After all, they’re protecting their investment and property, not yours. A fire, accident, or other damage puts your belongings at risk, and without renters’ insurance, there’s no way to get them back when the worst happens. Get the coverage you need and put your mind at ease.

At Carr & Company, we’ve built our reputation on over 60 years of expertise and experience, delivering the very best insurance products to our clients and community. Contact us to get an insurance quote for Ontario renters, and protect your property and belongings!